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empowering individuals to optimise performance

B2A harnesses the power of sports science to inspire all people to achieve higher levels of Human performance. We empower individuals to optimise performance in all aspects of their lives - Physical, Mental, nutritional and Spiritual - leading to more fulfilled lives.

B2A is the leading human performance provider in the UK. We work with professional athletes, individuals, teams, businesses, educational institutes and Youths.

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our vision
we are here to unlock the potential of every athlete

We believe every human on the earth is an Athlete. We want to empower every person and organisation to achieve higher levels of human performance.

We want to empower individuals to train with a specific goal in mind and excel in every aspect of achieving that goal – whilst keeping health and well being at the heart of everything they do.

We give the general population the lifestyle of a pro athlete – the healthiest people on the planet. Train like a pro athlete and stop following trends and fads – Your body, mind and soul deserves the optimum approach.

Our training philosophies provide strength and conditioning education, injury prevention strategies, recovery and rehab treatment, nutritional advice, mindset training, and key team philosophies that enable individuals to succeed in life.

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our mission

We want to create a future where the everyday person can use the tools and science a professional sports team does, to amplify their training and daily lives. We focus on the fundamentals of health using 5 key pillars to help us achieve

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Train like a professional athlete – Mobility & Stability, Strength, Power, Speed, Injury Prevention, Advanced Breathing Techniques, Aerobic & Anaerobic capacity


Focus and commitment, Cognitive Training strategies and Decision Making, Confidence and assurance, Optimize mindset through knowledge that the pros use


Results are hugely based on how we approach our plate, we will give you recommendations on how to optimise nutrition and reach your goals – Emotional and physical approach to nutrition to optimise life not just weight. We empower our members to take initiative.


Recovery is as important as training. Our in house therapists provide pain and injury support, injury prevention strategies, weakness strengthening programs, and rehabilitation treatments. 


We create an environment where people empower each other, the same way a professional sports team does. Learning flow/cycle mentality – who influences me/ who do I learn from – who do I influence/ who do I teach. Tribe like setting with all athletes motivating each other.

our values

Build the best training experience

whilst staying true to our philosophies and beliefs

Empowering our customers

to live their best lives through utilising human performance optimisation strategies

Team environment always

Be Humble and good to one another

Growth Mindset

always looking to improve as individuals – We welcome criticism as an opportunity to grow and learn

Our standards set the bar

we operate in peak state and provide an environment for our workers and customers to feel fulfilled

Making our statement on the world through non-profit projects

We want to contribute beyond ourselves in a meaningful way

Not bound by convention

our success and much of the fun lies in developing new ways to do things

Results orientated

Identify, test, track and re-test

Honest and integral

creating an inspirational environment for all

our results

B2A coaches are really good and make the sessions fun!

The coaches are really good and make the camps really fun. I really enjoyed playing the games against other footballers in the football camps.

their attention to detail and hard work has gotten me in a position to return to playing

Been working with Steve and Ray for the last 2 months and couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Their attention to detail and hard work has gotten me in a position to return back playing which didn’t seem possible not so long ago. Most importantly very good people who only want the best for you.

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