WARM UP'S Do you do them? If not, you should!

Are your warm ups effective? If you’re unsure, you can’t go too far wrong following the RAMP protocol which is as follows:

R- Raise.

This portion of the warm up can be anything that raises your heart rate, which will in turn increase your blood flow and body temperature.

A- Activate.

‘Switching on’ key muscle groups you’ll be using in your session as well as smaller stabilising muscles.

M- Mobilise.

Opening up range at your joints to help with movement quality. I like to do a general ‘loosener’ and then spend some time focusing on specific joints which might need more attention and/or areas that are session specific.

P- Potentiate.

The last part of the warm up which is there to increase intensity towards that of your session. These drills should be specific to the movements and exercises you have coming up and should help to improve your performance.