Discover our top 7 reasons why women should weight lift without fear.

There you are… minding your own business on the corner elliptical when you hear it:

The thunderous grunt followed by the sound of crashing metal.

While the men over in the free weights section continue to make absurd noises and pump each other up, you’re content strutting along on cardio machines for hours on end… until the day you realise nothing has changed.

Your body still looks the same.

You don’t look as toned as you thought you would be by now.

In fact, you’re ready to cancel your membership.


Before you pull the trigger and wave goodbye to those grunting guys, you might want to give them a chance. No, not that kind of a chance. 😉 But, the reason you haven’t seen the results you’ve wanted or expected may have something to do with your aversion to the free weights.

Get Stronger = Get Leaner

Unlike men, women typically don’t gain size from strength training. Compared to men, women have 10 to 30 times less testosterone to cause muscle hypertrophy. You will, however, develop muscle tone and definition. And with greater muscles creates less fat. As your lean muscle increases, so do your resting metabolism, and you burn more calories all day long. So, in a single weight lifting session, you can boost metabolism faster (and for longer) than traditional cardio.

The TRUE Anti-Ageing Secret

Strength training not only builds stronger muscles, but also builds stronger connective tissues and increases joint stability. Stronger joints mean less time to pop-up from the sofa and more time spent out with friends, family, and more! Weight training can also increase spinal bone mineral density (and enhance bone modelling). This, coupled with an adequate amount of dietary calcium, can be a women’s best defence against osteoporosis.

Flex On ‘Em with That Increased Confidence

Women who strength train commonly report feeling more confident and capable as a result of their program, whether in life or work. Increasing your strength will make you far less dependent upon others for assistance in daily living. Chores will be easier, lifting kids, groceries, and laundry will no longer push you to the max. As well, your increased posture and newfound confidence is a sure-fire way to get noticed in the boardroom!

Complete the Look — ANY Look You Want

Some women like to have a lot of muscle, and some don’t. While you can’t spot reduce fat, you can choose to build more muscle in specific areas, changing your body shape. And the best part? It’s YOUR body to shape! Whether you’ve always wanted stronger shoulders… a juicier butt… or those 6-pack abs… it’s your body. Forget the magazines, Insta models, or judgemental mothers. Create it how you want it.

Break Barriers One Rep at a Time

Unfortunately, many women believe they’ll never be able to achieve that one pull-up… or complete 10 push-ups in a row. BUT with the right strength training protocol in place, you can break through those physical (and mental) barriers and shatter those self-imposed limitations. And once you do it, others will be empowered to do the same.

Stress? What Stress?

There are no children throwing a tantrum… no 20-page paper due… no annoying neighbours knocking your door for the parcel the had sent whilst they weren’t home. Whatever life has been dishing out to you melts away when you grab a hold of that iron. The sheer grip of a barbell takes your mind away from the troubles of the day.

Make The Most of What’s Available

Okay, so you’ve mastered walking in a straight line… or riding a bike that goes nowhere… . BUT with so many varieties of resistance exercises, there’s no way to ever get bored or find an excuse not to do it. No matter where you live, how much you have, or how old you are… you can pick up a pair of dumbells (or your own body) and lift in a way that works for you.