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B2A is the leading human performance provider in the UK. We harness the power of sports science to inspire professional athletes, individuals, teams, businesses, educational institutes and youths to optimise all aspects of human performance.

Your body, mind and soul deserves the optimum approach. Our training philosophies provide strength and conditioning education, injury prevention strategies, recovery and rehab treatment, nutritional advice, mindset training, and key team philosophies that enable individuals to succeed in life. 

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Without B2A there would be no PFA Award or Ballon D'or nominations

B2A has changed my way of viewing what weights are important for me to achieve as a player. Always provided me with support and confidence and was one of the key reasons why I had the year I did last year. Without B2A there'd be no PFA award, or ballon d'or nominations.

Fran Kirby, Chelsea & England Footballer

The support system at b2a is unbeatable. They got me through my injury.

Josh Grant, Bristol Rovers Footballer

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The B2A Performance Hub is an all round training facility designed to give our athletes the tools they need to improve fitness, strength, skill and help them on their way to achieving their performance goals.
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B2A Clinic

At B2A we have an elite team of sports rehabilitation specialists and the facilities to match. Our years of experience working with professional athletes means we are able to pinpoint the best method and treatment to rehabilitate your injury.
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